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Marnel Junior School


Our bespoke creative curriculum, which is underpinned by the requirements of the National Curriculum (2014), is one that inpires and excites children and staff alike. We are passionate about engaging children through first-hand experience and a wide variety of learning opportunities. Opportunities for first hand experiences, such as visits, visitors, focus weeks and theme days are an integral part to learning at Marnel.

English is taught within projects, where a project experience leads onto writing for a real purpose. Teachers make use of high quality literature to support projects giving children exposure to more sophisticated vocabulary and language structures.

At the start ofeach  project, children expereince a project 'hook'. This could include a fictional crime scene that has been created in school, taking part in an archeaological dig or even going on a  trip. 

Project outcomes take on many different forms from pitching a business idea to a company through Skype to re-enacting a Viking burial. These outcomes draw upon all of the project learning and allow pupils to apply new skills within a context. Parents love to join us for outcomes to share in their child's learning.

Our six learning behaviours of respect, tolerance, reflection, open mindedness, cooperation and resilience underpin all that we do in school. Throughout our curriculum and our learning behaviours, we aim to encourage independence and an enquiring mind with a thirst for learning, leading to success in the future, whatever the children’s strengths.  Please speak to any member of staff for more information about this.


Parent Information Evening

***Monday 15th July - Year 4 homework due in.***Year 6 Bugsy Malone Performances (ticket entry only) on Tuesday 16th July 1:30pm, Wednesday 17th July 6pm.***Thursday 18th July Year 6's leaver BBQ. (Students only).***The Hub family events Tuesday 16th - Thursday 18th July Grandparents Group, Summer Stroll, Baby and Toddler Group - further information via THE HUB page.***Friday 19th July School Closes for the summer holidays.***