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Our names are Vanessa and Shani and we are the family support workers at Marnel Junior School. Vanessa has been in this role since 2015 and Shani has been with us since September 2016. We look forward to meeting those of you we’ve not yet worked with.

We understand that school and family life are not always completely separate. We are here as a link between home and school. If you ever have something on your mind and are looking for some advice, help or just a listening ear then do not hesitate to contact us.

Family includes everyone so all pupils at the school are also welcome to come and see us; even if just for a chat.

Vanessa is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 8:15am -4:15pm.

Shani is available Mon-Fri 8.15am-4.15pm.

How can you contact us?

· If we are available you can come into the school and have a quick chat.

· We can talk over the phone (call reception)

· We may be introduced in meetings or when you are talking to a teacher.

· You can contact us via the school office to make an appointment to see us.

What services are offered?

· Signposting and local research

· General advice and guidance

· Assisting with financial difficulties and worries

· Helping with child development concerns

· Getting the right support for positive parenting and managing your child’s behaviour

· Help with form filling and writing letters

· Arranging and accompanying you to meetings

· Making referrals and assistance with accessing other services

· Offering your child support and someone to talk to

When else might our paths cross?

We work closely with the whole school so we may see each other at:

· Review meeting’s (incl. EHCP& play therapy)

· Before and after school; on the playground and around the building

· Parents' evening

· We may get in touch to discuss other school matters

Who can access the Family Support service?

All children who attend Marnel Junior School.

Any parent/carer with a child at the school.

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