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Welcome to Marnel Community Junior School!

We are an exciting and innovative, three-form Junior School, in the thriving area of Popley, in Basingstoke. We work with our community to ensure their school is the very best it can be.

Our team is friendly and approachable, always putting the care and safety of our children first. All our staff are hard-working and completely committed to ensuring we provide the best opportunities, so everyone can reach their true potential, staff as well as children.

We are extremely proud of our curriculum, which is constantly changing so it remains fresh, full of excitement and engaging activities for all the community, who regularly attend our ‘final outcomes’. The mixture of academic, creative, sporting and musical elements, championed by staff, ensures every pupil has something to become excited about.

We have high expectations of ourselves and our pupils and constantly encourage them to work hard to achieve their best and be lovely friends too. Our team work is exceptional.

We are very proud of our children, who are independent, well-mannered and happy. So, come and find out more about Marnel yourself, by visiting our wonderful learning environment and take home a flavour of MJS!

Danielle Owens


Click below to find out about teacher training opportunities with Marnel Junior School.

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