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February 2020


Welcome to Bronte class page. We are excited to be the first children from the class to report on what we have been learning about and we hope you enjoy reading our writing.

Last term, we were astonished by some suspicious plants that had invaded the school! The sudden appearance of these strange plants were actually linked to our project, The Power of Disaster and our class book, Boy in the Tower. We started the term off by becoming mini detectives, trying to unfold the unusual crime. After investigating the crime scene and collecting evidence we began to piece all the information together to create a newspaper report. Due to the fact that the plants caused a suspicious death on the school site, we had to interview lots of witnesses from across the school including the teachers and some children. Later in the topic, we realised this crime scene was linked to the story in our class book and the plants resembled the ‘bluchers’ which were taking over Ade’s world in Boy in the Tower.

So far in the Spring term, we watched an animation called Ruin which is based in apocalyptic world where a serious disaster has happened. Throughout the clip, you are only shown one character and he/she is trying to escape drones who are determined to capture them. There is something quite unusual about the man or woman in the clip and some of the class thought that they could be a robot. Using this as a starting point, we then planned and wrote a story to go alongside the animation. All of us enjoyed writing character and setting descriptions but especially our stories; we were all really proud of our work! Presently, we are learning about the Ancient Greeks and their Gods and Goddesses. We have written non-chronological reports on either Zeus or Hades.

We look forward to finding out what we will be learning about next term and continue to work hard in preparation for our SATs. Come back to the page soon for another report from two new class reporters.

Reported by: Nithya Vegesna and Annalise Olivia Rawlinson

Welcome to Bronte class page!


I just wanted to introduce myself, I am Miss Killeen and I am Head of Year 6 and Class Teacher of Bronte. This is my third year teaching at Marnel Junior School and I am very excited to be in Year 6 again in my new role. I am really enjoying the new Bronte class and think we will have an amazing year together!

We have an exciting year ahead of us, including our residential trip in the second half of the Autumn Term as well as lots of interesting projects.

Bronte have had a busy start to the year and the children have been working hard since the day they came back after the holidays. The children have been enjoying the start of their class book, Refugee Boy and have recently written a diary entry in role as the main character, Alem. I was also very impressed by their knowledge of London and their setting descriptions of the various famous places. Well done Bronte for a great start to Year 6!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to come in and see me. 


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