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Religious Education at Marnel Junior School

At Marnel Junior School, we follow the Hampshire RE Syllabus: The Living Difference Revised 2011. Through the teaching of RE we give our children the opportunity to explore and begin to develop an understanding of three World religions: Christianity, Sikhism (Years 3 and 4) and Islam (Years 5 and 6). Our aim is to foster and develop pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development to encourage them to develop their own sense of belonging and a respect for the views of others.

Religious Education is taught through a variety of concepts which help the children to understand the role religion plays in the way communities and societies function. Through regular assemblies the children will learn about the festivals of additional religions and their accompanying customs. By using religious artefacts and taking part in off site visits we encourage the children to develop respect for the cultural and religious diversity in our local community.

Below are the concepts that are currently covered by each year group.

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