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Welcome to Shakespeare!


Hi! smiley


Welcome to Shakespeare's Class Page! In our class, we have 31 lovely children.


We are currently basing our Project learning around the Native Americans. We are excited to be hosting a Native American Pow Wow to parents on the 12th! We have worked really hard on our dance for this.


In Maths, we are looking at multiplication and division strategies. We have learnt about multiples, factors and what a prime number is.


Our class is led by Miss Purver, she is a team player and a lot of fun! She loves going to exercise classes during the week. Our LSA is Mrs Venturino, she loves nothing more than a good story to read! They are both a bit crazy but a lot of fun too!

Wishing all of our families a very restful summer break! We will see you all on Thursday 5th September.