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Young Interpreters


Who are we and what do we do? We are the Young Interpreters for our school. We have been trained through the Hampshire Young Interpreter Scheme to provide support to other children in our school who have English as an Additional Language (EAL). We are all children with EAL ourselves so know what it is like not to always understand English.

We will help with:

*Helping children who are new to the school and need support

*Showing parents around who have English as an additional language

*Providing displays around the school that promote different cultures so that others can learn about the world around us *Working with Mrs. Driscoll, our assistant librarian, to make sure there are suitable books in the library

*Celebrating different festivals and cultures that are in and around our school and community


How will you recognise us?

When we have completed our training, you will recognise us by our badges.

EMTAS (Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service) is a service provided by Hampshire County Council. It offers support to both schools and parents. EMTAS can support parents in many ways such as: offering advice on family learning, translating text messages and letters and providing a language phone line.

Young Carers 


Our Family Support Worker, Vanessa, currently runs a fortnightly Young Carers Group on a Thursday lunch time. The group is open to all ages and is for children who are carrying out a caring role at home and or have a sibling or someone in their immediate family with additional needs. They take part in a variety of activities including craft, cooking, mindfulness, games and relaxation. The children love to be around each other and have the chance to talk to a member of staff if needed. The children do not have to talk about being a Young Carer or share this with the rest of the group. The whole purpose of coming to Young Carers is to have fun, relax and feel supported. If you think your child is a Young Carer and would like them to attend the group, then please let Vanessa or their class teacher know. If your child is currently attending the Young Carers Group in school and you would like to discuss more support, please get in touch with Vanessa by contacting the school office. For more information on Young Carers please have a look at the following websites or come in for a chat!



We are lucky to have two fully trained ELSAs at Marnel Junior School. An ELSA is a teaching assistant who has had special training from Educational Psychologists to support the emotional development of children in school. They receive regular supervision from the Educational Psychologists. The ELSAs role is to help children to understand their emotions and respect the feelings of those around them. They help children think about their personal circumstances and how they can manage them. An ELSA programme will usually last between 6-12 weeks and helps the child learn new skills or coping strategies, for example managing their anger appropriately. However, ELSA support cannot help a child resolve all their difficulties.

***For the safety of all children at Marnel, we would ask parents/carers not to stop/park on the yellow zig-zag lines outside of school. ***Thank you to all of the families who donated to our #helloyellow mufti day. We raised £345.58.***Year 7 open mornings/evenings for local schools can be found under our Transition page..***All of our upcoming events can be found in our Calendar and Latest News section.***