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The Marnel Learner Award

The Marnel Learner Award


The Marnel Learner Award was launched in 2015 and continues to develop pupils’ learning behaviours and reward them for displaying our six qualities in all aspects of school life. We are really excited about our Marnel Learner Award and know the children share our enthusiasm too.

The Marnel Learner Award


A Marnel learner is:









How it works

· Each child will have a personalised ‘Marnel Learner’ target board displayed in their classroom.

· For every quality there are three targets to work towards, one is for the playground.

· The children choose a target they want to work on.

· The children need to demonstrate the learning behaviour consistently.

· When the child’s teacher thinks they have achieved the target, they will choose another one.


Bronze Award

When the children have consistently demonstrated all 18 of the behaviour qualities, they will receive a bronze Marnel Learner badge to wear on their uniform and a certificate in merit assembly. Their photograph will appear on the Marnel Learner display board.


Silver Award

To earn their silver badge, children will need to continue to demonstrate all the targets. They will need to support and model the behaviours to other children in their class.


Gold Award

To earn their gold badge, children will still need to continue to demonstrate all the targets. They will need to model and encourage others around the school and begin to contribute to the wider school community.


Platinum Award

To earn their platinum badge, children will need to organise and participate in an event which contributes to the community (such as fund raiser).


When children move into the next year group, they will continue to work towards achieving any outstanding learning behaviour targets from the previous year.


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