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Marnel Junior School

Who's Who


Here is our team of fantastic, committed and dedicated staff!


Headteacher: Mrs. Peopall

Interim Headteachers: Mrs. Clarke, Miss Charman

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs. Herring

Assistant Headteachers: Miss. Ferdinand


Designated Safeguarding Leaders: Mrs. Peopall, Mrs. Clarke (DSL Lead), Miss Charman (DSL Lead), Mrs. Herring (Deputy DSL), Mrs. Robert, Mrs. Dore.


SENCo: Mrs. Roberts (UK Parliament Teacher Ambassador and Autism Ambassador)

Family Support Worker:  Mrs. Dore

ELSA: Mrs. Gray, Miss. Muir.


Interim Business Manager: Mrs. Dunkerley

Admin Staff: Mrs. Eagle (Admin Officer), Mrs. Denton (Senior Admin Asst.), Miss. Hicks.


Year 3: Mrs. Meade (HOY), Mrs. Bottomley (Maternity leave), Miss. Murray, Mrs. Fomes, Mrs. Warren, Mrs. Dovey, Mrs. Allwright (HLTA), Mrs. Archer (LSA), Miss. Murphy (LSA), Mrs. Baylee (LSA), Miss. O'Dell (LSA), Mrs. Simmonds (LSA) (Maternity leave), Mrs. Bovey (key worker).


Year 4: Miss. Morgan (HOY), Ms. Mohsin, Mrs. Finklaire, Mrs. McDowall (LSA), Mrs. Little (1-1 LSA), Miss. Bovey (LSA), Mrs. Watson (LSA), Mr. McCarley (1-1 LSA).


Year 5: Miss. Hayward (HOY), Mrs. Wallis, Mrs. Mills, Miss. King, Mr. Conibeere, Miss. Coventry (LSA), Mr. Griffiths, Mrs. Muir (LSA), Mrs. Bovey (LSA), Mrs. Reynolds (LSA), Miss. Middleton (1-1 LSA).


Year 6: Mrs. Killeen (HOY), Mrs. Brown, Miss. Collins, Miss. Ferdinand, Mrs. Legge (HLTA), Mrs. Laws (LSA), Miss. Muir (LSA), Mrs. Venturino (LSA), Mrs. Hiscock (1-1 LSA).


Outdoor Learning Staff: Mr. Lacey, Mrs. Morris, Mr. McCarley, Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Bovey.

Ready to Learn Staff: Mrs. Laws, Mrs. Buckley, Miss. Middleton, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Bovey.


English Leaders: Mrs. Meade, Mrs. Wallis, Miss. Collins 

Maths Leading Practitioner: Miss. Hayward

Science Lead: Mrs. Killeen

PE Lead: Miss. Morgan

RE Lead: Miss. Murray

Music Lead: Mrs. Fomes

Modern Foreign Languages: Mrs. Finklaire

Art/DT Lead: Ms. Mohsin

IT: Mr. Griffiths

History Lead: Mrs. Brown


Assistant Librarian: Mrs. Driscoll

Senior Site Manager: Mr. Lacey

The Hub/PPA Cover: Ms. McKelt

School Council: Mrs. Collins

Head of First Aid: Miss. Murphy

Cleaners: Miss. Butters, Mrs. Faias, Miss. Thirkell

Lunchtime Assistants: Miss. Middleton, Mrs. Little, Mrs. Morris, Miss. Muir, Mrs. McDowell, Mr. Lacey, Mr. McCarley, Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Bovey, Miss O’Dell, Mrs. Archer, Miss. Murphy, Mrs. Baylee, Mrs. Simmonds (Maternity leave), Mrs. Laws, Mrs. Hiscock, Mrs. Bovey, Mrs. Coventry.

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***Thursday 24th October - Year 6 Outcome, parents welcome***Friday 25th October - School photos***26th October to 3rd November - Half Term*** Monday 4th November - Inset Day***All of our upcoming events can be found in our Calendar and Latest News section.***