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Year 3 have made an excellent start to the year and we have been incredibly proud of how well they have settled in at Marnel Junior School. We had an exciting start to the year as we received a message in a bottle from a snail who wanted a lift around the world! We enjoyed exploring his journey using atlases and Google Earth. We have now put ourselves in the snail's shoes and produced some fantastic diary entries. The year 3 staff are very impressed with the quality of writing which the children have produced and can't wait to watch them progress throughout the year.

Spring Term in Year 3

We have been enjoying learning all about the Stone Age! We read the Stone Age Boy story and produced some amazing writing using it as our inspiration. We wrote newspapers about the events in the story and also wrote some fantastic setting descriptions about the cave.


We also learnt about rocks and fossils in Science which was very interesting.



This week we welcomed our families into school to share our work with them. We performed a song called ‘We Will Rock You’ (you may know the original!) and also showed our cave paintings and weaving. It was a lovely afternoon and we would like to thank everyone who attended for your support.



Our Stone Age Gallery

Our Stone Age Gallery 1
Our Stone Age Gallery 2
Our Stone Age Gallery 3

Here is some of the lovely feedback from our Stone Age outcome:


"I loved being able to come in and see the work my child has completed"


"I loved seeing my daughter's hard work! The song was AMAZING!"


"I enjoyed the children singing and enjoying themselves. They took pride in showing their work"

Autumn Term

Year 4 have settled very well into the new school year. We have enjoyed writing a mini auto-biography as a beginning to our project ‘How do I see myself?’ Now we have started making soft toys from our own designs and this is lots of fun! For our science learning we have conducted an experiment about the way different drinks affect our teeth. To finish this half term we will be having a Year 4 healthy picnic bringing together our learning which has been all about healthy foods and digestion.


Spring Term

We have kicked off Spring term with the Saxons! The children loved learning about the daily life and customs of the Saxons but most of all the enjoyed the traditional Saxon Myth of Beowulf...the children wrote some brilliant narratives based on this. We were particularly impressed by all the homework this half term...thank you so much for your efforts.

As we enter into Spring 2 we will emerse ourself in our Scintilating Science topic where we will be learning about the changing states of matter and sound. Alongside the side we be studying The Winter's Child and George's Marvellous medicine as both texts have a great science link.

Year 5 children have settled really well into the year and are enjoying their current Project of Wonder. They have all been really open minded and respectful in their learning. We were very lucky to have two visits from Liz and her assistant dog, River and from Ellen and her puppy, Buster, who was in training to be a Guide Dog. The children were exceptionally well behaved and showed incredible Learning Behaviours, in their listening and asking questions. The feedback from Liz was, "What a fantastic school! The children were wonderful and it was a special day in River's training journey!" Well done Year 5! We look forward to showing you the children's work at our outcome in a few weeks’ time. 

Spring Term: Tomb Raiders


We have been learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. We had a mystery suitcase arrive to set off our learning and we discovered that it belonged to Howard Carter, who discovered Tutukhamun's tomb. We produced some excellent

newspaper reports about the events. 


We then explored the religion and beliefs of Ancient Egyptians. This led us to learning how the process of embalming was carried out to help mummification. To support our learning in this, we mummified fish. This was pretty gruesome but at the same time, a lot of children were incredibly brave and engaged. We then wrote some amazing instructions to help other people mummify fish. 


This week, we are going to produce a presentation for a Year 3 class to teach them about life as an Ancient Egyptian person. 

Year 6 have had a brilliant start to the year and we have been really impressed by their hard working attitude; keep it up! The children have been enjoying listening to the story of Alem and his journey to the UK and last week showed off their drama skills when acting in role as two of the characters. Next week, we will be having a science focus week and the children will be exploring how light works through a variety of different investigations.

Picture 1 Year 6 hook book

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